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Internal News


Happy Hour,” the event that brings the MFast family together, took place with meaningful and warm activities last Friday. Unlike previous formats, the August Happy Hour provided a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, a feeling of togetherness recreated right in the company’s office, with the full presence of the entire MFast family.

Before the G Hour

The activities preparing for the Happy Hour were meticulously arranged, and each preparation had its own significance, arousing curiosity among our colleagues.

Mở màn

The program kicked off with the lively and charming appearance of a popular and dynamic MC.

Following that, the company representative, Ms. Nguyễn Thị Yên Thi – Head of Human Resources, extended Mid-Autumn Festival greetings to all the female members of the MFast family. She also shared extremely exciting news: ‘Our September Happy Hour will be held outdoors – the destination is Bến Tre.’

Starting the main program, MFast never forgets to welcome new members who have joined our family:

  1. Ms. Vũ Xuân Quỳnh – Content Marketing
  2. Mr. Lưu Văn Trí – Software Solution Ms.
  3. Bùi Thị Xuân Hương – User Support
  4. Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Hoàng Đại – Human Resource

    These members shared their perceptions about MFast being a dynamic, enthusiastic, and friendly family – a significant motivation for the Organizing Committee to create more activities to bring members together even more closely.

After the personnel introduction, there was a memorable moment when Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Hoàng Đại from the HR team performed the song ‘Thằng Cuội,’ leaving everyone in awe with his impressive mic skills!

And of course, the August birthday celebration was a must. However, this time, our personnel had to overcome a challenging task to receive the prepared gift from the Organizing Committee:

Here’s a bonus challenge: Each member had to hang two random items on their partner and strike the most unique pose before receiving their gift

A brand new mini-game format was introduced on MFAST’s channel called ‘Kịch 4.0’ with the theme centered around ‘Mid-Autumn Festival’… and as fate would have it, the hilarious and goofy sketches from the three teams: Banh Nhà Lồng, Lồng Đèn, Lầy… drove the drama critics wild because of the unexpected ending… It was absurd but incredibly true to the spirit of the MFast family.

The highlight of the program was the incredibly interesting appearance of the trio: Pure White Rabbit, Mr. Cuội, and Sister Hằng…

The appearance of these three characters truly set off a frenzy among MFAST’s audience.

Their mission was exceptionally successful as they personally handed out Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to all MFast members

There is fun, there is humor. And the moment the MFast family says goodbye to Mr. Nguyen Khanh Minh – who has been with our family for quite a long time, but because of a new direction, he will temporarily not accompany MFast on the journey. next. MFast wishes him success on his new path and will always be the image of a “critic in all fields” for the MFAST family.

Tet Reunion – the festival of reuniting with family – is where we return tired, but we are lucky to have a second family – where we have colleagues with whom we meet 5 days a week. and a day of more than 8 hours together, where we can be ourselves with the tolerance and help of our colleagues, where we can develop together, led by valuable mentors, so this moment will be the best opportunity to thank our colleagues for the presence here – so that we can have an extremely meaningful moment of reunion at the party. And the moment everyone hugged each other and whispered thanks – was the most meaningful and emotional moment in the show…

Closing the program with great success, On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Company, the Human Resources Department would like to thank all of you for working together to create the success of the Happy Hour Monthly program. 8 with the theme of Tet Reunion.

Wishing everyone a warm Tet reunion!