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Internal News

Outing Trip Bến Tre: Celebrating MFast’s 5th Birthday

The celebration for the company’s 5th anniversary took place last weekend, leaving every member of the MFast family with unforgettable and meaningful moments, filled with humor and joy. Now, let’s take a look back at these wonderful experiences:

Before the G Hour

The spirit of the MFast family was high, as everyone geared up for the upcoming challenges in the games. Most members were present early and on time, ready to participate enthusiastically in the activities.


Even after a 2-hour journey, the enthusiasm of the MFast family remained strong and unwavering. Each member was eagerly looking forward to participating in the challenges, fully prepared and excited.

Upon arriving in the Western region, Bến Tre to be exact, it was impossible not to embrace the essence of the countryside with worn-out brown áo bà ba (traditional Vietnamese attire), and rustic, deeply colored scarves. The experience was completed with the sweet aroma of coconuts, a gift from the natural bounty of this land. Every member transformed into true farmers, indulging in the specialty coconut treats of Bến Tre.

The refreshing coconut water, delicious and aromatic, added to the spirit of the MFast family, preparing them for the upcoming journey filled with promising and joyful challenges.

The kickoff from the 4 teams, namely Hai Lúa, Ba Khía, Cầu Tre, and Cầu Dừa, filled the MFast ‘warriors’ with excitement. It was as if every member had been infused with an extra surge of energy and passion!

After the lively warm-up session, the team building activities officially took place under the brilliant sunshine of Bến Tre. With the enthusiastic and energetic spirit of the members, the program was carried out wonderfully, evidenced by the vibrant photographs that made us all ‘laugh from the heart’.

The team building games received enthusiastic participation from the vast members of the MFast family. Every member of the MFast family wholeheartedly engaged and excellently completed all the challenges presented by the program. Through the enthusiasm and passion of each individual, a sense of unity, love, and solidarity was fostered within each team. The games, infused with the essence of the Mekong Delta, provided each member with the opportunity to showcase themselves, their dynamism, enthusiasm, leadership skills, organization, and even perseverance and finesse. The MFast family conquered these challenges wholeheartedly.

Moreover, this experience allowed the members to connect and come closer together as they wholeheartedly fought together, embodying the spirit of ‘Teamwork makes the Dream work’.

Happy 5th Birthday, MFast!!!

Following the exciting games, the MFast family quickly gathered on the stage to immerse themselves in the celebration of MFast’s 5th birthday!

The event began with a small ‘gift’ that the organizers had prepared beforehand – the entrepreneurial journey story, the dedication of the two founders, and the thoughts and feelings of each member who has been and is accompanying MFast. The lovely short video served as a heartfelt expression of gratitude to the MFast members for choosing and journeying with the company.

The highlight of the event was the impromptu choir performance by the MFast family, accompanied by the BOM band, singing the birthday song to celebrate MFast’s birthday.

The 5-year milestone also marks a crucial moment for standardizing the MFast brand – asserting MFast’s presence in the Fintech market. Therefore, the representative from the Marcom team, Mr. Hoàng, shared incredibly interesting insights on questions related to the MFast and DigiPay brands. From now on, whenever someone asks where we work, let’s proudly say that we work at MFAST!

The event concluded with much joy and significance as awards were presented to the winning team of the Outing Trip 2022 games, with team Cầu Tre emerging victorious. Although the other teams didn’t secure victory in the games, they triumphed in their own right by daring to participate in challenges that demanded various skills and enthusiasm. The organizers believe that we will always maintain such a spirit not only in games but also in our work and life.”

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Company, the Human Resources Department sincerely extends our gratitude to all of you who contributed to the success of the Happy Hour event in September with the theme ‘Celebrating MFast’s 5th Birthday’. Let’s take a look back at these incredibly joyful moments together.