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Internal News

Special event: New Office – Happy Birthday Founders

June 9, 2022 will certainly be a very special day for DigiPay members when the new office has officially been revealed. The new “residence” of the DigiPay family is designed with open space with typical tropical architecture, bringing the spirit of a “second home” for DigiPay members. And double the joy for the event on June 9, 2022 is the birthday of the two DigiPay captains. The atmosphere of the party was warm, fun but no less meaningful.

The opening of the birthday program was a surprise surprise with the familiar song “Happy Birthday” sent by all DigiPay members to the two bosses. Since that moment, the Organizing Committee has promised to bring unexpected things …….


In order to have a neat event, carrying the true internal spirit of DigiPay, the members prepared 1 month ago and decided to give the two brothers a very meaningful gift – which are 2 family portraits. boss’s family. The Organizing Committee believes that to achieve the success and development of DigiPay today, family is the strong fulcrum and family members are the driving force to motivate the two brothers to build DigiPay day by day. more resilient in the future.

Understanding that family is the most important thing, the Organizing Committee invited two supporters to attend – and this is also the next “surprise” gift that the members want to send to the two brothers. The appearance of two beauties made our boss almost “shocked” and certainly “shocked” with happiness.


People often say that precious gifts must have challenges and the challenge of our two bosses was extremely humorous and filled with laughter.

Closing the event, the Organizing Committee sent the two brothers a final gift, a homegrown “super product” but very cool and genuine, which is an extremely lovely and unique birthday greeting clip. less fun.

(Let’s all watch the video clip link below)

DigiPay’s new office, welcoming the new age of two bosses – this is the double joy that the DigiPay family has truly “enjoyed”. The new house will not simply be a place to work 8 hours and get off work, this is a common home for DigiPay members, a place where everyone can play games, read books, sing karaoke, chat not only during breaks At noon or after work, if you are tired and stressed, “Entertainment Zone” is always open to welcome you.

Once again, I wish you both a new year full of joy and happiness with your small family, and good health to build a strong second family called DigiPay.

On behalf of the Event Organizing Committee, the Human Resources Department would like to thank all DigiPay members for contributing a little effort to make the event warm and successful.

DigiPay family can review the images and video clips via the link below!

Link Hình ảnh

Link Video