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Internal News

DigiPay organizes an internal event: happy hour in May

On the afternoon of May 27, 2022, I suddenly looked out the window and saw that it was raining heavily. The air outside seemed colder because of the sudden gusts of wind. Yet, inside the DigiPay house, it became so warm and full of smiles. It turns out my family is organizing an annual Happy Hour event that takes place at the end of every month.

The May Happy Hour event took place on a rainy afternoon and the DigiPay family had the opportunity to connect, understand and love more of their colleagues. Opening the program were a few words from Mr. Phan Thanh Long – CEO of DigiPay – a sharing that promised many innovations and accelerated growth in the last 6 months of the year as the DigiPay office prepares to expand its office. room. Following the flow of events, the program is followed by an extremely humorous and fun Mini Game called: HA HA HA – each member must turn to the person next to them to say HA HA HA but they are not allowed to laugh. The difficult point of the Game and also the point that causes many people to suffer the “Chicken Dance” penalty. And after being punished, my family discovered more extremely professional dancers.

The Happy Hour event is an opportunity to introduce new members, all personnel at the end of March, April and May had the opportunity to introduce themselves as well as their “marital status” – something that is very important. Many DigiPay association members are looking forward to it. The DigiPay family has welcomed 14 members, a testament to the development and expansion of DigiPay. This can be considered a bright spot in the fierce competition of the market today.

Following the event to introduce new members, the Mini Game “The Comfortable Chair” took place extremely excitingly and humorously with 5 members from 5 different departments. The player had to find a chair for themselves as soon as the music stopped and the final result was that Ms. Vu Thi Bao Nhung – Head of Business Intelligence won with a prize value of 50,000 VND Tiki voucher.

Closing the May Happy Hour event is a program to celebrate the members’ birthdays in May. With the view: “As long as DigiPay members say they like it – the Organizing Committee will wholeheartedly respond”, that’s why the Organizing Committee has prepared 5 birthday gifts according to each individual’s preferences as a thank you for your contribution throughout the journey with DigiPay to realize your dream.

And in addition to the fun and humor, the party that afternoon also had some quiet moments when the Company sent its gratitude before saying goodbye to Ms. Nguyen Ha Thanh Truc – Head of Finance & Accountant. The gift is my deepest thanks and also my best wishes for the future ahead.Enthusiasm and fire are the cultural characteristics of DigiPay members, all members have brought a meaningful and successful program. And of course, the program “Drink beer without getting drunk or coming home” as usual was extremely fun. The program has remained in everyone’s mind as joy with teammates, as a bond between colleagues and as a way to renew energy for a new month.Cheers!